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Paleo for the Outdoor Athlete eBook

For the athlete that lives to get outside and MOVE! The paleo diet is incredibly beneficial for all ages. Learn how the paleo diet can improve your athletic performance, reduce inflammation, speed up recovery time and make you feel GOOD! Whats included: 30 pages explaining what paleo is, how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle, why paleo benefits athletes specifically, pre/post workout snack ideas, supplements, recipes and more!


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Nutrition Coaching Services 

I see nutrition clients remotely and in person for those who live in the Spokane, WA area. Areas that I specialize in include: athletic performance, female hormone balancing, eating disorders and implementing a whole foods approach to eating. I offer a free consultation to each client (a 30-50 minute initial meeting). Just fill out the contact form and I will email you a copy of the Health History form to get started! Feel free to contact me with any questions.