Hi! I’m Chelsea.

I hope to be able to use this blog and my words to bring others to healthier, happier lives! Wellness is more than just the food we put into our bodies but our mindset, fitness and relationships, too!

Join me as I explore different topics to connect all aspects of wellness and correct any imbalances that might be present in your life.

I am currently a student with the Integrative Institute for Nutrition (IIN) to become a health coach and believe in the healing power of food and full plates.

My other interests include rock climbing, which brought me to nutrition in the first place! I wanted to excel and perform my best so I turned to nutrition to help me get stronger and better at the sport I love so much!


My eating style can be defined as mostly Paleo. Meaning I focus my daily foods around meat, vegetables and healthy fats. After experimenting with eliminating foods from my diet I found I don’t do well with gluten, most grains, dairy or refined sugar.

I use the word “diet” to explain my way of eating on a daily basis but feel no restrictions because I know I am filling my body with the healthiest foods possible and will feel my best all day long.

That being said, if I want a cookie, I will eat a damn cookie! I will also make sure that cookie is either homemade with the best ingredients I can find or one that is so very worth it, I just have to buy it and will savor every last bite!

I focus on real, whole foods first and trust that my body will tell me what it needs. I work daily to deconstruct cravings and see if I am missing anything in my life first before indulging.

I believe this is the role of a holistic minded health coach – to help others deconstruct cravings to find true whole body wellness! ❤

This space is for all aspects of health and wellness – a collective of knowledge and empowering information to feed your body and mind, using nature as a guide and a provider!

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