Monday Musings 4.8.19

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Happy Monday from the PNW! I took a bit of a break from blogging this last week and it was surely needed! While I absolutely love blogging, sharing information and connecting with everyone on this platform, it does get a bit exhausting and every once in a while it’s nice to take a break.

But now I’m back, back again, and ready to share more fun things that I’ve found this week! I hope you enjoy my finds!

#1 Microgreen Growing Kit

I am really enjoying growing my own sprouts and microgreens lately! It has been a really fun project with an added benefit of being able to eat what I produce.

While my microgreens aren’t fully grown yet it has been so fun to watch them sprout and take shape into cute little stems and leaves! I can’t wait to use my microgreens on a big salad and know I am getting a ton of nutrition.

Similar to sprouts (I wrote a whole post about growing your own sprouts here) these little microgreens pack a big nutritional punch. High in vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C these little microgreens have the perfect crunch to top any salad and I especially love them rolled up in some deli meat with bit of mayo and a touch of mustard. Perfection.

Microgreens also contain polyphenols which can help prevent the buildup of harmful free radicals in the body. That’s a good, good thing. The brand of microgreen growing kit I bought is from Mountain Valley Seed Company and was super affordable! Under $8 and it comes with the seed mix, soil, growing container and a mini spray bottle.

The kit comes with detailed instructions and all you have to do is water the microgreens 1-2x a day, give it some sunlight and voila they grow! So simple. And super satisfying to watch them grow!

#2 Celeriac Rice

Have you tried celery root – also known as celeriac yet? It’s an amazing little root veggie that has a subtle yet uniquely awesome flavor! To me, it’s a mix between a turnip and a potato except it’s a lower carb alternative. It’s perfect.

I have been using it almost daily to either throw into a stir fry or make noodles out of to round out my dishes and increase my vegetable content. You can usually find celeriac at any grocery store just look for a fist sized knobby greenish-tan ball and it’s likely celeriac! You can always ask at the store if they carry it as well.

In order to make “rice” out of the celeriac I use a 3 step process. Yes it takes a little time but it’s so worth it! First up, I peel the celeriac until all the brown skin is gone and the white flesh is exposed. Second, I use my spiralizer to make “noodles” out of the celeriac. I use the smallest setting so I get thin noodles instead of thick ones. Third, I run the noodles through a food processor quick for about 5 seconds total to get the “rice” texture! And boom. Ready for cooking.

Stay tuned because I will for sure be coming up with recipes for this amazing little veggie! I love the crisp and fresh flavor it has even after cooking it and find myself picking up more every time I go to the store now!

#3 Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins from PaleOMG

I made these muffins this weekend from Juli over at PaleOMG and was not disappointed! They were awesome. I have been looooving using the Chocolate Coconut Fuel from Primal Kitchen lately and figured why not bake with it?! I think Juli used a vanilla flavor but I love chocolate more so I used it and the muffins turned out great!

I also added in some Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate chips and thought they were perfect without being overly sweet! I’m not a big fan of all stevia-sweetened products but these chocolate chips are the real deal.

Juli is a legit genius for creating these muffins. I am so happy she did all the experimenting for me and I just get to enjoy some amazing protein filled muffins! Go check out more from Juli over on and try not to drool. Oh wait, not possible.

#4 Cook and Savor Method for Roasting Sweet Potatoes

Guys I am never going back to roasting sweet potatoes any other way. These are PERFECTION! Jenny Castenada from Cook and Savor is brilliant and I love how much she loves food. She is so fun to watch on Instagram with her Sunday meal prep sessions. I always get so inspired after watching her cook!

As far as vegetables go, sweet potatoes are my all-time favorite. Like I could eat them every meal, every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of them. I love them that much. So when I saw Jenny’s new method of roasting potatoes I knew I had to try it out! And it did not disappoint!!

Perfectly crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Head here to see how I made these beauties and be sure to check her out on Instagram @cookandsavor to get inspired by her awesome meal preps!

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