Monday Musings 3.25.19

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It’s Monday once again! That means it’s time for another Monday Musings! Time to show you guys my exciting new finds for the week! I love sharing new things and hope I can get you excited for new and different foods and see that health can be fun!

And as always, my PSA for taking some time for yourself to fill your cup back up and make you feel fulfilled. Today I am committing to making sure I am fueled up properly by prepping nourishing meals to eat at work. Being prepared in this way gives me peace of mind and makes eating healthfully so much easier!

Meal prepping and making food ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute takes some of the decision-making out of the equation and instead of relying on “will power” can give a sense of relief that we are nourishing our bodies the best way possible.

I am all about that meal prep life!

#1 Antipasto Mediterranean Vegetables

These veggies are so killer!! So happy that I picked these up from Trader Joe’s the other day! I was shocked to find such clean ingredients! Just semi-dries veggies like tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant soaked in olive oil, herbs and garlic. It tastes like eating a pizza but they are just veggies!

Soooo obsessed. I ate them plain but I imagine they would be out of this world amazing on a cheese platter, with crackers or on a real pizza! Downright tasty. If you don’t live by a Trader Joe’s, you need to drive to one because they really do have some gems!

#2 Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender

Guys I’ve found a new favorite kitchen appliance!!! I am so excited to have gotten this from my amazing fiancé. He surprised me one night after work and I have been loving it! What is it you might ask? It’s an immersion blender!

What’s so awesome about this immersion blender is the fact that it can emulsify in seconds and you don’t have to pour anything into a standard blender first! It’s awesome and super convenient for things like soups, homemade mayo and more! I’m just getting statues experiencing.

Last week I made a super simple recipe 3-Ingredient Broccoli Soup and have many more soup plans in the works! I’m such a sucker for soup year round and I don’t seem to crave it any less when the weather warms up! It’s just so easy and nutritious!

#3 Spicy Thai Relish

I am such a big fan of condiments. Like I have 2 entire shelves of my fridge full of them. Obsession level 100. Dressings, ketchup, mustard, coconut aminos you name it I have it! So when I found this little Thai relish the other day I was STOKED!

The ingredients are super clean and it’s even onion-free! Not that I don’t love onions, they just don’t tend to love me back and leave me feeling pretty junky. The only ingredients are cucumbers, vinegar, hot chilies, lime juice and garlic!

So far I have used it on some stir fries, tuna salad and with some tacos! So not disappointed. While there are so many options for this relish, it certainly plays best with other Thai flavors. Curries, rice noodle dishes and satay dishes would all be a great vessel for this relish.

#4 Thai Kitchen Curry Pastes

Speaking of curry… I’m not sure I have shared this before but all the best curries I have made have been because of Thai Kitchens Curry Pastes! They are so dang good!

I normally switch between the Red Curry Paste and the Green Curry Pastes and think they add amazing depth of flavor to the dish! I have yet to make a curry as good as when I use these pastes. And with them being so affordable, I see no reason to, ha!

I’m a big fan of the ingredients too. Just spices, lemongrass, garlic, shallot, salt and lime peel. So simple. These concentrated little pastes go a long way and I typically get 5-6 servings per jar. Since I’m probably not about to go buy the individual ingredients to make my own pastes, Thai Kitchen is an amazing option.

I made this curry over the weekend and it was similar to my Emerald Green Chicken Curry except I used leftover pork roast, a cruciferous veggie mix from Trader Joe’s and lots of lime. Curries are such a great way to get in a ton of veggies!

#5 Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour

This is one of those products that I have been eyeballing for a while now and it was finally on a good enough sale for me to pull the trigger!

While this mix tastes AWESOME it has proven to be a little tricky to bake with so far. While I wouldn’t say it’s a 1:1 substitute for normal flour, it has been a nice substitute for other gluten free flours.

So far I have tried a egg-free quick bread type recipe and a muffin recipe. No concrete recipes yet because they still need more testing but I wanted to share about the flour in case anyone was looking for an easy shortcut for baked goods. The Paleo Baking Flour is awesome because instead of buying upwards of 3 different flours and then trying to figure out their ratios, the baking flour already comes pre-mixed and ready to go!

I will definitely be recipe testing more with this Paleo Baking Flour and post a recipe as soon as I have something I am happy with!

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