Monday Musings 2.11.19

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Happy Monday from a very snowy Spokane! It has been a mini snow-pocalypse here and the temps have dropped again. Hopefully we will be back in the mid 30s temperature here soon! I hope wherever you are that you are having a great Monday, even if it is super cold and sunny 😉

Remember, we only get one chance to make our lives awesome so do what you can to make this Monday great! Today, I am focusing on taking deep breaths, throwing in some quiet time when I can and keeping my bottle of Ned Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil reeaaallly close. I talked about my love for Ned last week and I am noticing such great results.

Here are some new things that I’m really digging this week:

#1 GAEA Carrot Snacks

I am so happy to be finding so many new and healthy snack options these days! Compared to even a few years ago, there are so many more options available for gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc..

These little carrot snacks are so clean! They contain only carrots, olive oil (yay no junky vegetable oils), sea salt and lemon essential oil. They are a perfect little midday snack and are more filling than just raw vegetables thanks to the olive oil!

GAEA also makes these small little packs in pickles, cauliflower and olives! I can’t wait to try the pickles, YUUUM. I bring these with me in my purse for an after lunch snack when I’m still hungry or as an emergency snack if I can’t find anything else that will fit my dietary restrictions.

#2 Four Sigmatic Reishi Mushroom Elixir

Guys, this Reishi Mushroom Elixir is soooo good! Have you tried using mushrooms as adaptogens yet? For years, people have been using mushrooms medicinally to help boost immune function, chill out or ramp up energy depending on the type of mushroom.

Medicinal mushrooms are so fascinating and have so many different properties and can be so beneficial to the body. Reishi is especially awesome for its relaxation properties. Known as the Queen of Mushrooms, reishi helps the body adapt to stressors and give us a more relaxed demeanor.

As with most adaptogens and mushrooms, consistent use tends to produce the best results. AKA don’t just take it once and decide it doesn’t work for you. The effects are generally cumulative and can take up to 2 months to start seeing results.

Four Sigmatic also has a Reishi Hot Chocolate Elixir that is such a treat before bed! Just slightly sweet and chocolate-y, it really hits the spot and I can feel the calm hit me right before I fall asleep. 100% must try if you can!

#3 Mocha Fudge Brownies from #NoSugarNoProblems Part II by Christina Rice

I wrote about these brownies in my post last Friday How to Create a More Positive Relationship with Sugar. And I am STILL EATING THEM. Like I have made them multiple times and they are still so good.

I am really appreciating making the sugar-free desserts from Christina’s eBook and being able to retrain my taste buds to find naturally sweet foods as sweet enough. These brownies have cacao powder, coconut butter (naturally sweet), eggs, vanilla (naturally sweet), ghee (naturally sweet) and cacao nibs!! With all these naturally sweet ingredients, they come together beautifully to create a satisfying treat.

Go check out more of Christina’s work here! She is really doing great work in the health and wellness space and especially does really important work with women’s health.

#4 New View at Our Apartment

This one is HUGE and has made such a positive impact on my mood! Our old apartment was north facing and had absolutely no natural sunlight come in all day. However, our new apartment is south facing and has a gorgeous open living room that is so bright and sunny!

We can see the sunrise and sunset and it is just so nice to be able to have that view everyday! I had no clue just how much my mood was being impacted by living in a darker space. I now feel like I am more in line with the natural circadian rhythms of the world. This means that we start to wind down and go to bed when it gets dark, and we wake up naturally when it gets light out.

I also really love feeling like I am surrounded by nature and the pine trees give me all the feels every day! Such a big step up from our last living situation.

#5 Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Wow wow wow. I had never roasted a whole cauliflower before and am kind of kicking myself for not doing so until now! It was super easy and made really tender (and pretty!) cauliflower.

I got the idea from Michelle over at Nom Nom Paleo. I have her newest cookbook Ready or Not and was flipping through it last week and just knew I had to make it! I won’t share the exact recipe from the book but I will share how to make the whole roasted cauliflower! I added a really simple Parsley and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette to the top that I would be happy to share! Just drop me a comment below telling me that you want it and I will oblige.

In order to make the whole roasted cauliflower you simply trim the core from the cauliflower (the green and white leaves and hard stem from the bottom) and place in an oven safe pan. In a 375° oven, roast the cauliflower for 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes, checking after an hour. Cauliflower should be tender and browned on top but not burnt! If there is too much browning happening, place some tinfoil over the top to encourage the rest of the cauliflower to keep cooking.

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