Monday Musings 2.4.19

Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

It’s Monday (again)! I hope you are starting this week off right and are doing one thing today to show yourself some love 🥰 I am really into “alone time” right now and find it to be really helpful to recharge my batteries and be better able to serve others.

Since the fiancé and I just got home this week from our two month long stint in Minnesota, we are still trying to recover from our trip! The roads weren’t great, we had car troubles and it can be hard to be in the car that much 😂

However, I did start a new job this week as the manager for the vitamins and supplements at Natural Grocers AND we were able to move into a larger apartment. Double win but a lot to happen all at once!

#1 Ned’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Guys, I’m in love. Legitimately I think this full-spectrum hemp oil is changing my life! It has been so helpful the past few days in helping to lessen my anxiety, helping me to chill the eff out and I get awesome sleep from it!

If you aren’t familiar with what CBD is yet, I wrote a post about it here pertaining to a really great muscle relaxing rub. Long story short, hemp oil and CBD oil will not get you high but rather delivers an extremely calming effect that can help with a whole host of ailments:

    pain relief
    much, much more

Keep in mind I am not a doctor so you should always consult with YOUR doctor to discuss what is right for you.

I am simply head over heels for the company Ned. I have heard about them from a few different bloggers/influencers and decided to try some myself.

What sets Ned apart from other hemp oil and CBD oil companies is that instead of providing an isolate of CBD, they have a full spectrum product that contains phytocannabinoids that complement the cannabidiol (CBD). Since they don’t strip the CBD down into a singular compound, the hemp oil is able to offer even more healing power.

I am really pleasantly surprised at how much of a calming effect I get from this hemp oil. It is extremely nice to be able to find companies that take pride in what they do and do it well! The carrier oil for this hemp is MCT oil – the medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil. I love me some clean products made without junky oils!!

Each bottle is hand batched and third party tested so you know exactly what is in each bottle. So so so obsessed. I really love the 300mg and have been using it daily.

#2 Black Cherry Juice

I am trying to hop back on the magnesium and zinc train and have found a really delicious way to take the supplements! Cherry juice is perfectly tart and just sweet enough to mask the very “mineral-y” taste of magnesium and zinc.

Both magnesium and zinc are so important (especially for women!!) and most Americans are deficient in both of these. I wrote a post about why they are both so important here and notice a big positive difference in my monthly cycles when I am consistent in taking them.

Black cherry juice is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to reduce inflammation, help arthritis and can help improve athletic recovery. I’m down for all of those things.

I prefer to get black cherry juice not from concentrate though the two are nutritionally similar, I just prefer less processing. Most cherry juice is cut with apple juice to make it more palatable – just make sure you read your labels!

This brand is Cheribundi and it tastes awesome!

#3 Pure Traditions Grain-Free Instant Farina

This stuff is so bomb!!! After eating paleo for the majority of the last 6 years I do sometimes miss hot cereal in the mornings and this grain-free instant cereal made from tigernut flour sure hits the spot!

I also really dig the fact there are no added sugars so I can completely be in control of how much sugar I want to add! I have been LOVING it with my recent obsession, date syrup, on top along with some pumpkin seeds! YUM.

This product is a little pricey but I’m okay with it because I don’t use it everyday and it’s more of a splurge item for me! I also love supporting smaller businesses that are doing things right! They make allergy-friendly options + no have no added sugars = a big bonus in my book!

#4 Fresh Herbs

It’s winter. The days are not quite as dark but there is still less sunlight than I would prefer. Thankfully it’s almooooost spring. Nothing brightens my day more than having super fresh and lively herbs staring back at me from my fridge (not really because they don’t have eyes but you get the picture 🙄).

I learned a new trick this week and am really happy with how well it has worked! By simply storing the herbs in some fresh water I can extend their shelf life from 3 days to over a week and a half! Talk about bang for your buck.

It’s so simple, here’s what you do: cut off the stems to your herbs. You can use cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, sage and more! Make sure the herbs are completely dry before placing in a jar (I use these classic mason jars and they are the perfect height).

Add a bit of water ~ 1 inch to the jar and bingo. That’s it! Check the herbs every few days or so to toss any old leaves and refresh the water. They will stay fresh much longer than in their produce bags!

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