My Favorite Health And Wellness Bloggers to Follow

Disclosure: Please keep in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you go through the links to purchase an item, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and I will never recommend a product if I don’t fully love it or use it myself!

Happy Friday! I write this post as a spin-off of “Favorite Follow Friday” where for a while I was sharing who I loved to follow over on Instagram! Btw, hop on over and check me out at @fromthemountains.wellness to see tons more food pics and nutrition information!

I wanted to share and talk about other bloggers I love in this space because I think it is important to share work that has changed or improved your life with others.

A thought that I initially had was that of competition in the health and wellness space. When I first started blogging, I was worried there wasn’t enough space for my voice and that the market was already “too saturated.” Little did I know I was just scared to put content out there! But as I continued to create and put out content I realized that I have a unique perspective that others just don’t have!

That’s when I realized that there actually is enough room for everyone – our own unique experiences and perspectives give us ways to connect with others. Sharing these experiences and what we have learned can help others to grow or learn too.

Lastly, I wanted I share because I am inspired daily by the content that these bloggers put out and the quality of their work. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not jealous when I see how bloggers can spend their days – it’s my ultimate dream and goal. But I know that if others can achieve that goal, then it is open to me as well. I am inspired to work harder and be better at what I do from these ladies and hope you check out their work.

Juli Bauer of PaleOMG@paleomg

Juli is one of the very first bloggers that I started to follow way back in 2013. She is an OG paleo blogger and has been killing the paleo recipe development game for longer than just about anyone else.

One of the things I love about Juli is that she takes no shit – from criticism to her own BS. This means, she tries to be as nice to herself as possible, self talk and all! Something I think we could all benefit from! Juli constantly shares her struggles but is the queen of remaining positive in these situations! It is really refreshing to hear that someone who is fit and eats well also struggles with body image issues and stress and what she does to combat them!

No one has a perfect life and I appreciate that Juli shares some of hers with us! Her personality is truly the embodiment of IDGAF and I love seeing how successful she has become because of it! While I started following along with her for her recipes, I have stayed for her growth and to watch her entrepreneurial side grow. I hope to be half as successful as that someday and admire Juli for staying true to herself through the process.

Oh, also she makes AMAZING cookies. For real. Try these. And these. Ooooh and these.

My other favorite recipes from Juli include:

Collagen Chocolate Chip Cookies from

You might also love following Juli for her love of fitness! As a previous CrossFit coach and athlete, Juli has been experimenting with other forms of workouts lately to see what works best for her body! I love her at home workouts that she comes up with and they always leave me feeling awesome!

Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit – @fedandfit

Cassy is another gem of a human that I love to follow along with! I think she is an absolute genius in the kitchen and I CANNOT get enough of her recipes!! Honestly, I have been blown away by the creativity and flavor of all them that I have tried. Most of these recipes are simple but so intricately flavored that I keep coming back for more!

Some of my favorite recipes of hers include:

Blueberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Meatballs from

Cassy is also a new mom – while I don’t exactly love children or want to have them myself (*gasp, yes I know) I really love seeing how Cassy is able to balance motherhood and running her own business. Again, I came for the food and stayed for the business side of things!

While Cassy posts mainly paleo and gluten-free recipes she also loves to focus on health as a bigger picture. Instead of focusing on small details, Cassy is really dedicated to lifestyle habits that are sustainable and she is all about finding what works for YOU as an individual! Which I totally love and agree with.

For more from Cassy head over to or check out her amazing book where you’ll find recipes and fitness plans all in one resource!

Beth Manos Brickley of Tasty Yummies@tastyyummies

I have been following Beth for about 3 years now and love her variety of passions. She has kick ass recipes (of the paleo, gluten-free and keto variety), awesome photography, loves woo-woo and self-care! It’s a really awesome mix and her website is well done.

Beth shares a variety of content and while that might seem like a wide variety, it really just works for her! She is all about a healthy lifestyle and whatever that looks like for an individual. She provides resources and shares her favorite self-care practices in hopes of helping others.

Beth shares a lot of keto friendly recipes and a ton of nutrition information that I have found to be super helpful. Some of my favorite posts of her’s include:

Christina Rice of Christina Rice Wellness@christinaricewellness

Lastly, I love following Christina because it feels like she is a good friend even though I’ve never actually met her! She is super effing smart, works hard and practices what she preaches. Christina is all about total body wellness and works hard to become a leader in the health and wellness space.

I admire Christina’s drive to learn more and constantly grow her business. She is only 23 years old and already has a successful health business complete with group programs, eBooks, her blog and more! Truly inspiring.

Besides being really well educated in the paleo sphere, Christina specializes in women’s health and nutrition which is AWESOME. Since women aren’t tiny men, we need different care and supplements than our male counterparts. Christina does an amazing job of being super supportive of women’s health and helps to dismantle a lot of nutrition myths that could actually be destructive.

Another thing I love about Christina is that she has recently gotten into reiki – something I am really curious about! Never heard of it? Me neither until a few months ago but now I am fascinated! Reiki is a healing technique based on channeled energy. How cool is that? Meaning, those who experience pain or trauma could greatly benefit from reiki! Reiki uses gentle touch to heal through energy. I’m all about that and am currently looking to get some done on myself to see what it’s like!

One of the services I have loved most from Christina is her No Sugar No Problems (parts 1 and 2) eBooks of completely sugar and sweetener free desserts! How fun!! They are amazing and such a great alternative to heavily sweetened desserts when you just want a sweet bite.

Christina also has a podcast that I listen to weekly and always walk away having learned something. Check it out here!

Christina’s Apple Pie Gummies from her blog

That’s it from me today! Drop me a comment and let me know if you already follow these lovely ladies or if you have a blogger that you just LOVE to follow! ❤️

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