Monday Musings 1.7.19

Disclosure: Please keep in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you go through the links to purchase an item, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and I will never recommend a product if I don’t fully love it or use it myself! 

Helloooo there and happy Monday! I hope your first full week of the New Year is treating you well! It’s been a busy week over here in Minneapolis, MN and we have had weather ranging from -8 below to 45 degrees. WOWZA a bit of a range there, eh?

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite products from the last week – some new finds and some I have been reviewing for a while!

#1 TEAONIC Drinks

Have you seen these products in stores yet?? I have been loving using them lately as a pick-me-up in the afternoon and LOVE that there are so many benefits to choose from – you can pick to support your liver, skin, hair, gut, brain, adrenals and more!

TEAONIC uses herbs and spices to deliver benefits to different body parts and support our bodies from the inside out! I also love the fact that the business is run by a mother-daughter team that graduated from the same health coaching program that I did! How cool.

So far I have tried the I Love My Gut flavor and I Love My Liver flavor. Both were quite pleasant for being unsweetened – TEAONIC doesn’t sweeten any of their teas and it really lets the herbs shine through. I am super interested in using natural supplementation to help support my body in anyway that I can and love that I can pick up a tea at the grocery store to do that!

#2 Herb Pharm Bed Time

Along the lines of using natural supplements to support my body –  I have been loving using this spray from Herb Pharm and have found it to be quite useful! While I don’t usually have a problem falling asleep, I do sometimes struggle to stay asleep until I would like to wake up – typically at least 8 hours!

The Bed Time spray has poppy, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile and passionflower to help support natural melatonin production and calm us down enough so that sleep can occur. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body that helps us fall and stay asleep.I have definitely noticed that I stay asleep a little longer when I use this spray, which is great because usually when I am unable to fall back asleep after waking up in the morning.

Sleep is SO SO important and while you may *think* that you are living your best life on 5 or 6 hours of sleep, this is simply unsustainable and can suppress the immune system, create anxiety, cause weight gain and a whole host of other negative symptoms if neglected for too long. Best be getting your 8 hours to be on the safe side 😉

Want to learn a ton more about sleep? Check out my eBook: Paleo for the Outdoor Athlete where I share a ton of information about WHY we need sleep and how to prioritize and get enough of it!

#3 Tapuat Brewing Company Kombucha

Anyone else out there love sampling local kombucha when they travel? Just me? Oh, okay then. Get on it if you don’t!!

I felt like I was getting sick over the weekend and reaaally don’t have time for that right now so I wanted to try and boost my immune system quickly! This kombucha has bee pollen and honey – both perfect for immune boosting and it makes it taste AMAZING! Since it is made with part honey and part cane sugar for the fermentation process, it’s a mixture between jun and regular kombucha which I think tastes even better 🙂

I often drink kombucha as a little treat throughout the day and love the fact that I am getting super beneficial probiotics for gut health! Tapuat has other amazing flavors like Pear, Lychee Peach and Blueberry that I can’t wait to try. If you are local to Minneapolis, MN or live in Door County, WI definitely go give them a try!

#4 Vermont Village Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

This is just a brilliant little invention. I LOVE apple cider vinegar when mixed with a little lemon water or bubbly water and think that these packs are so convenient when you just need a boost on-the-go!

I use apple cider vinegar in a number of different ways and for different purposes! Mainly I love it as a digestive aid, taken 30 minutes before eating to help boost digestive juices and really get them flowing. I also like to use it in my nighttime bubbly water – it makes it taste sweeter naturally! It’s awesome, give a teaspoon a try the next time you have a sparkling water on hand.

I also love to use ACV as salad dressing with olive oil and finally as a rinse for my hair in the shower! I talk more about the benefits of this in this post here.  I love Vermont Village brand ACV because it is raw and still contains the mother culture – meaning all the benefits are still there! I keep one of the little travel packs in my purse at all times just in case!

#5 Creamy Greek Dressing

100% this is the easiest recipe I have ever come up with! I really wanted a creamier dressing last week and somehow had the idea to combine both Primal Kitchen Mayo (you already know I’m obsessed) with Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing. The heavens actually did open and angels were singing. It was THAT GOOD.

I simply mixed equal parts mayo and Greek dressing and voila. So easy. I absolutely dipped plantain chips (and every other vegetable I could find) in there and then used it as a salad dressing and it was perfect. It would also be AWESOME over spaghetti squash with some chicken. Mmm. Seems like I need to get to recipe testing…

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