Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts (Paleo)

I am OBSESSED with my new air fryer! The fiance got me one for Christmas and I have been experimenting with it ever since. I am always in pursuit of extra crispy vegetables and sometimes the oven just takes too long.

I would say the air fryer is a cross between a convection oven and a regular fryer but it uses far less oil. Think: oven for crispy texture but in a much shorter time window. I am absolutely in love! It makes adding healthy veggies to meals SUPER easy. I simply cut and toss in a tiny bit of oil and some spices, throw them in the fryer and they are done before the rest of my meal is done! I have this air fryer and it’s the only one I’ve used so I can’t really recommend others.

I wanted to quickly share an easy veggie recipe for those of you who really want to get their veggies in today 😉 The day after the holidays is certainly a good time to get back into any healthy habits that might have fallen by the wayside over Christmas.

Aaaand just a reminder that you don’t need to wait for New Years to start a new habit! You are very worth of health and wellness every day of the year. If it is truly a habit you would like to incorporate into your daily life then respecting yourself enough to start sooner rather than later is a really big act of self-love.

On that note, if your body is telling you that it needs veggies, listen! It will be so thankful that you did!

Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts (Paleo)

YIELD: ~2 cups                   SERVES 4


1 lb. Brussels sprouts, hard end cut off and quartered

1 tbs. olive oil or ghee

1 tsp. sea salt

pepper to taste


  1. Combine quartered Brussels with oil and salt. Toss to coat fully.
  2. Set air fryer to 400 degrees and timer for 10-12 minutes.
  3. Pause fryer every 5 minutes or so to shake basket to make sure they crisp evenly.

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    1. Omg it’s another appliance I’m now wondering how I ever lived without it!!! Snag one when it’s on sale! I love not having to preheat the oven and then wash the baking dish.

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