Monday Musings 12.17.18

It’s Monday again! I hope you are having an AWESOME start to the week and have some fun holiday plans coming up soon!

I am spending a lot of time with family this week while trying to balance work. Should be an interesting mix! I have a lot of goals in mind coming into the new year and want to make sure I am still moving towards them every day!

Here are the products I am loving this week:

#1 Acure Skincare Products

I have never been much of a skin care product junkie until this past year! I have suddenly become much more aware concerning the products I put on my skin! I picked up the Acure Cloud Moisturizing Cream at Whole Foods this week and I am loving it so far!

Since I have been moving towards a more non-toxic lifestyle, I have been incorporating more safe products into my skin care routine. Added phthalates, preservatives and parabens in products can be absorbed into skin and can disrupt the endocrine system.

Since a lot of skin care products are filled with toxic ingredients, they act as false hormones in our bodies and cause problems with hormone regulation.

Since I am already eating very healthfully and exercise regularly, I want to continue taking care of my body any way I can! I have been loving this face cream so far and it hasn’t bothered my sensitive skin at all!

I am excited to try other products that Acure offers like their Brightening Facial Scrub and the Seriously Soothing Day Cream. I love that Acure’s products are clean and affordable! A bottle of facial moisturizer only cost me about $18, which I consider a steal compared to some larger name brands.

#2 Baked Jicama Chips

I am such a huge fan of jicama!! If you haven’t ever tried it before, it tastes like a cross between an apple and a potato. It is incredibly popular in Mexico and for good reason!

Jicama is high in fiber and prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the good gut bacteria and is necessary for keeping our tummies happy!

I especially love these chips with my lunch time salads because they add such a delicious crunch factor! They pair really well with fiesta flavors like chili powders and cumin, so using these chips for a Mexican food themed meal is a great idea!

These jicama chips are baked and not fried meaning they are lower in fats than they would be if they were friend but still pack tons of flavor! If you find Jica Chips absolutely pick some up and CRUNCH ON! Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on their Cinnamon SugarCinnamon Sugar flavor!

#3 Waxed Cotton Food Wraps

I have been making a huge conscious effort lately to reduce my plastic waste. I was super excited to see these food wraps in Trader Joe’s and once I saw them I knew they would be perfect in place of cling wrap to use on leftovers or extra food.

Since they are flexible, they are perfect to use as a wrap or to cover as a lid. Washing them is easy – just run under cool water and let dry and they are ready to go again!

The kind I got comes with a small, medium and large size but I’ve already used them so many times I think I need to invest in more! I know this company has a really good reputation and I have heard great reviews on their beeswax wraps if you want find the exact ones I have at Trader Joe’s.

I am excited to get more into reusable products and hope to continue on my journey to reduce toxins in my life!

#4 Keto Quick Start by Diane Sanfilippo

Where to start on this one? I simply adore Diane and all of her work. I am in awe daily of how hard she hustles to make her dreams a reality and how many lives she has touched and helped along the way.

Her newest book Keto Quick Start is no exception. This book will help (and heal) so many people. Keto is a very trendy and hot topic right now but not everyone has the exact right idea of what it is, how it can help or even how to go about doing the dirt correctly.

Diane’s approach is a down to earth take on the Keto diet that combines a balanced approach with extremely educated information.

I removed an early copy of this book yesterday (boom releases January 1, 2019) and have been blown away by the detailed content! As an athlete, my concern with any diet or way of eating is primarily “how will this affect my athletic performance?” But I wasn’t left wondering with this book! Diane has an entire section dedicated to customizing the keto diet, with a section just for athletes!

While climbing doesn’t fall in the strict endurance category of sports, I love Diane’s advice about timing carbohydrates directly before and after a workout. While I already do this loosely, she has created a brilliant tracking system – the SAVVY Keto Daily Tracker.

I am super excited to use this tool to see how keto makes me feel and how it affects my athletic performance. Because, hey, if you’re not tracking you just can’t even begin to measure progress! I simply love that Diane addresses athletic concerns so well in this book and has actionable tools and steps to make keto a breeze for everyday life.

Stay tuned for recipes! I can’t wait to cook out of this book and show you guys what I make!


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