Monday Musings 12.3.18

Haaappy December!! Do you love this month? I am currently in a love/like relationship with the month ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love Christmas time and the holidays and being festive but on the other hand snow and cold weather are big pains in the butt!

I write this as the fiancรฉ and I drive across the country from Spokane, WA to Minneapolis, MN. Looots of dive time! Very unfortunately our heat went out in the truck right as we took off from Spokane so we haven been pretty chilly! We took the trip quite a bit slower this time than usual due to snowy roads and it felt pretty nice not to be in a huge rush!

Having some wiggle room and freedom to take things a bit slower feels really good right now. The less stress during this time period the better! Especially when it’s self-imposed stress ๐Ÿ˜‰

#1 Keto Quick Start by Diane Sanfilippo

I am so extremely excited to be a part of Diane’s launch team for her brand new book Keto Quick Start! It releases January 1, 2019 and I feel super honored to be able to promote this book with Diane and the rest of the team!

But wait, Chelsea, you aren’t Keto are you?! Nope! And I don’t plan on really ever going on a fully Keto diet. Since I am an athlete and use food to fuel my activity level and performance the Keto diet just doesn’t quite fit that bill. HOWEVER I think there are many amazing benefits from the Keto diet that are worth mentioning!

Let’s first dive into the basics of the Keto diet. Essentially the diet is eating higher fat, moderate protein and low carb. Now, low carb is an incredibly individual number and can range from 20g a day to 100g a day for some people depending on the body’s tolerance to carbs and how active a person in. In this state of low carb, the body starts to burn fat for fuel and will go into ketosis.

Ketosis is just another word for a fat burning metabolic state. When carbohydrates are relatively low, the body no longer depends on carbohydrates for fuel and will turn to biting fat for fuel instead.

Sounds ideal right? I absolutely agree! But not for everyone or for always. I 100% believe that Keto is used best as a therapeutic or healing diet for those who either have a broken metabolism or have chronic disease or illness.

I also think it is a great starting point for anyone who has a lot of weight to lose or as a “restart” diet to help jumpstart some healthier habits into your daily life. I also think that there are principles of Keto that we can all incorporate into our lives and I can’t wait to see what recipes Diane comes up with!

The main reason I am so excited to be a part of this launch team is how much I believe in Diane and her work! I have followed Diane’s work for about 5 years now, her book Practical Paleo is essentially the paleo bible and I think she has an amazing approach to healthy eating using whole and real foods as the base.

Diane’s viewpoints are always extremely balanced, pointing out both the pros and cons and she is incredibly direct in her approach. I know she will provide content that is both accurate, well-researched and most importantly APPLICABLE to daily life!

To date, Diane has become one of my most trusted sources of information and she provides framework to make Keto work for individuals based on what approach will work best for them. General approaches are great and all but true and sustainable change comes from knowing yourself and experimenting with different methods to find what works best for your body. That whole bio-individuality thing at work again ๐Ÿ˜‰

What can you expect from me for this book launch? I’ll be receiving an early copy of the book (YES!!!) and will absolutely be sharing how awesome it is! I’ll be making recipes from the book and describing how it can fit into your life if you are an athlete, working professional or are just plain old Keto-curious!

#2 Smartwool Socks

Have you hopped on the wool socks train yet? I am all about them lately. I’ve even started wearing thinner wool socks in the summer!

Did you know that wool has gotten a face lift in the past years? Merino wool is not the itchy, scratchy wool of the 80s! Instead of only absorbing moisture like cotton clothing, merino wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture and keep toes insulated and warm!

When compared to cotton socks, merino wool draws moisture away from the source (body) in order to evaporate it. Pretty neat! So toes stay warm and I stay happy ๐Ÿ˜

My favorite pairs lately are a mix of thinner cold weather running socks (for runs!) and chunkier wool socks for everyday winter wear.

#3 Dean’s Zesty Booch

I found this amazing kombucha in Bozeman, MT and wish I would have bought like 10 more for the road.

I tried the Golden Chai flavor and fell in love! It had apple juice to sweeten, cardamom, vanilla and black pepper. It was perfection. As an added bonus it’s totally #whole30 compliant because it is sweetened with fruit juice instead of cane sugar like most other kombucha.

When we come back through Bozeman in January I am really looking forward to trying their other flavors like Berry Basil and Mango with the Flow!


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