Monday Musings 11.26.18

Hellloooo and happy Monday! I hope you had a spectacular Thanksgiving, Black Friday and weekend! Though I spent most of Thanksgiving with a pretty bad migraine, I still was able to eat all my favorite foods and it ended up being a good weekend!

#1 Cranberries

Okay I know Thanksgiving was last week but I am still super into cranberries! It all started with my Ginger-Apple Cranberry Sauce which then turned into my Cranberry Leftovers Muffins! I’ve also been experimenting with a Gingerbread Loaf with cranberries! I’ve almost nailed it down but the recipe still needs a little tweaking.

I love the sour taste of the cranberries, especially when paired with a flavor like orange or pineapple! I am getting more and more into seasonal produce and really using those flavors when I can. Here is an excellent guide to seasonal produce around where you live! There are even some vegetables I’ve never heard of like cardoons, ground cherries and purslane. Might need to track those down and give them a try!

#2 100% Dark Chocolate

I love dark chocolate but never thought I would LOVE a 100% dark chocolate bar as much as a 70% dark chocolate bar. This one, however, is super smooth, not bitter at all and has super delicious and crunchy cacao nibs. You can find it on Amazon and at Trader Joes!

It’s a perfect base for Chocolate-Covered Pistachio Clusters (recipe here), or chocolate bark! I love melting some in hot water for hot chocolate, along with a touch of maple syrup and some coconut milk. Divine! I especially love 100% dark chocolate because there is no added sugar content. So I never feel guilty for having some and it’s so rich that a small amount is really all I need!

#3 Steamed Beets

Steamed beets have to be the best thing since (gluten-free) sliced bread! I am loving them lately in my salads and just having them ready for a lazy dinner. I have also used steamed beets in my Red Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes. Since beets are in season right now I am excited to see what else I can incorporate them in!

#4 Celeriac

Have you tried celeriac?! I hadn’t until this last week and let me tell you, it’s the BOMB.COM! It tastes like a cross between a turnip, carrot and parsnip! It has an earthy yet sharp flavor and takes on flavors really well.

Since getting my Inspiralizer a few weeks ago, I have been using it nonstop! It makes perfect spiral noodles (for this soup especially!) and it even makes rice when you put the noodles in the food processor. Way cool in my book.

I knew right away I wanted to start experimenting and came up with an amazing Teriyaki Beef recipe using celeriac as a bed of “rice.” Recipe soon to come after a few more tweaks but DANG it is so good. Highly recommend using and trying celeriac!

#5 Morning (Sunrise) Walks

I am definitely a morning person. I naturally wake up between 5am – 6am and feel the most energized in the morning. Lately, I have been bundling up and heading out the door right after my morning matcha! Ollie and I have been really enjoying our time together and he gets to let some energy out! Win-win.

Being outside, especially when the sun is rising, is such a special time of day. Everything moves a little slower, it’s quieter and the sun rises are downright gorgeous. As the day progresses, decisions get harder and harder to make so I have been loving taking the decision making process out of this decision. I just get up, bundle up and go! I never regret moving my body early in the morning and find that it really makes it easier to stay active throughout the rest of the day.

For me, this is one of the easiest ways to make a new habit stick. Figure out when you have the most energy or are the most productive and focus on habit change during those times. Don’t wait until the end of the day or when you’re feeling tired to start implementing change!

#6 Taylor Gage of She Thrives Blog

Have you heard of Taylor and her blog She Thrives yet? She is seriously a force to be reckoned with! Girl crush on high alert right now. I first heard her on Diane Sanfilippo’s podcast, Balanced Bites, and immediately started following Taylor on Instagram.

The thing that stood out to me first was Taylor’s incredible confidence. It practically leaps off the page. The next thing I really connected with was her incredibly positive message towards body image. Honestly, for anyone struggling with body image give this podcast episode a listen. I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief and started to become much more conscious of how I speak to my body after hearing it.

Taylor has created programs that are truly innovative like The Confidence Lab, where she teaches women how to gain confidence and move towards empowerment. I personally think this is an amazing concept and am really looking forward to taking the course myself! Taylor came up with a concept called “Unf*ckwithable” (complete with apparel) that I am certainly into. In her blog post, Taylor explains how to become self-reliant, fierce and confident.

It is really refreshing to hear a voice in the fitness industry that focuses on repairing body image instead of selling product and continuing the guilt-shame cycle. Big love there.


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