Monday Musings 11.19.18

Guys, it’s Thanksgiving this week! I loooove this holiday! Seriously, anything centered around food has my complete attention.

Do you have you menu planned out already? I sure do! I am attending Thanksgiving at my fiance’s parents house and will be bringing some sides and a dessert! I am making my Sweet Potato Casserole, Maple Pecan Brussels Sprouts (recipe to come soon), Ginger Apple Cranberry Sauce (recipe Wednesday!) and a pumpkin pie. 

These foods feel like such classics to me and bring back memories of Thanksgivings spent with my family when we all lived closer together! Sadly, we all live farther apart now but the food always brings me right back.

What classics do you always have at your table for Thanksgiving? Or do you have a different tradition?? 

#1 Molasses

I always get really excited about molasses during the holidays and this year is no exception! I absolutely adore the dark and rich, caramel-y flavor molasses adds. Did you know that molasses contains high amounts of iron, calcium, copper, manganese and more? It is one of the very few sweeteners that contains tons of naturally occurring micronutrients.  

The glycemic index of molasses is 55, compared to table sugar which is 88. The lower the index number, the less effect it has on blood sugar and creates fewer blood sugar spikes. It is a sweetener I feel good using! I have especially been enjoying a teaspoon in my morning matcha (though I have loved it with coffee in the past!) and am experimenting with a delish gingerbread cookie recipe. 

#2 Pecans

I just can’t seem to get enough lately! I have recently reintroduced pecans back into my diet and couldn’t be happier. I have been enjoying pecan milk, pecan butter (a gingerbread version with molasses coming soon!) and as a topping on sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts! It’s just such a festive little nut.

I always make sure to soak and sprout my pecans before using them to maximize bio-availability (read more about the benefits here) and make sure I digest them easily. I love to buy them in bulk and soak/sprout in large batches and then store in the freezer for maximum freshness. 

#3 The Great British Baking Show

Have you watched it before?! There are 6 seasons on Netflix and the newest one just came out! I adore this show and always get so inspired watching it! The absolute passion and dedication that the bakers have is super motivating and I always am introduced to new flavor combinations.

12 bakers compete weekly to prove they are Britain’s best baker. They take on all sorts of different dessert challenges, many of which I’ve never heard of before! Even though I don’t eat gluten, dairy or most sugar, I still really appreciate baking as an art and think that the skills involved are so impressive. 

Not to mention the accents and the British slang that keep me very captivated all show long! I especially love the free spirit of the hosts and appreciate the PG-13 rated humor. Seriously worth a binge! 

#4 Aztec Clay Facial Mask

I have been really trying to focus more on self-care in the past few weeks to show myself some more love. More on why self care is so important here. I firmly believe that we cannot give or show others love if our own cups are only half filled. 

For me, doing small things daily to really boost my happiness makes me feel awesome! Lately I have been looking forward to my weekly homemade face mask. It is so simple, leaves my skin feeling super soft and rejuvenated.

I simply mix equal amounts of the clay mask with apple cider vinegar, mix together and apply with a mini concealer makeup brush. I wait until it’s fully dry and then wash off as normal. A little redness for ~10 minutes is normal but should disappear soon after. I love using this mask because it detoxes my skin, removes impurities and dead skin. 

You can also get creative and add some honey to the mask or even pumpkin, essential oils or charcoal. Here are some great recipes!

#6 Lemon Cardamom Sauce via Fed and Fit

I don’t think I could love a dressing anymore than I love this one ❤ Cassy Joy of Fed and Fit is a serious genius when it comes to dressings and dips! I have been using this dressing every day for the last week and don’t see the obsession stopping anytime soon. 

The tartness of the lemon combined with the peppery cardamom make such a delightful dressing. I have used it as a substitute for mayo in chicken and tuna salad along with being a sauce to drizzle on roasted veggies and chicken! I am pretty sure this sauce will go lovely with just about everything.


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