Monday Musings 9.10.18

Good morning from lovely Spokane! After a long week of travel and work, I am happy to be back at home with my own bed, matcha making method and cat! It’s the little things šŸ˜‰

This last week I had a few different favorites in terms of traveling that made my life easier!

#1 Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing

Okay, I know it’s really easy to make your own dressing but this one from Primal Kitchen reeaaallly knocks it out of the park.

It has a super clean ingredient list: avocado oil, red wine vinegar, herbs and spices! It is so divine and works so well on simple salads. I seriously brought this with me everywhere this last week and used it as an extra source of fat when I wasn’t sure about the quality of the oil provided.

This dressing doubles as a marinade and is out of the world on chicken, beef and lamb. YUM. Especially when grilled. It is also Whole30 approved and has no added sugar! It is my go-to anytime I am traveling and can keep some on hand.

#2 Epic Bakes Pork Rinds

These are a new to me find this week! I have seen the typical fried ones before and really enjoy them as well but am super excited to have a little bit lower fat option for either pre or during a climbing session!

They don’t leave me feeling heavy or overly full and I LOVE the crunch that they have! They are also sugar free and contain the perfect amount of salt to satisfy that salty craving.

I love that Epic really focuses on sustainability and humanely raised animals for their products. It makes me so happy to see a company that values what I do but on a larger scale production.

#3 Artichoke Hearts

Another salty snack for the win! I became very reacquainted with these little gems this week and can’t seem to get enough!

Artichokes contain a ton of antioxidants and phytonutrients and can also help to gently detox the body. They can also boost the production of digestive bile which is awesome because it means your food is digested more easily! Artichokes are also an excellent source of fiber!

My faves lately are quartered and marinated from Native Forest and are contain sunflower oil and herbs! So good! They add just the perfect amount of sour and salty flavors to salads that I have been craving.

#4 Paavani Ayurvedic Balancing Teas

I was lucky enough to snag this tea at Sola Cafe in Bozeman this last week and am so happy I was introduced to the Paavani brand!!

In Ayurvedic medicine and healing, there are 3 Doshas that most people fit loosely into. These Doshas act as a guide to how to balance your life more and what you can do to feel more balanced in different aspects. There are recommendations for diet, how to recharge and how to calm down indifferent scenarios.

If you want to learn more head here and take a quiz to see what you are! I lean pretty heavily towards Pitta, which means I’m usually running a little hot and can become stressed easily if I don’t take the time to balance myself.

I am excited to use this tea as way to unwind and let the relaxing herbs do their work!

#5 Lily’s Chocolate and Chocolate Chips

Though I don’t love to consume stevia everyday, I do really enjoy the fact that there is a healthier “sugar-free” chocolate option!

Lily’s Chocolate is sweetened with stevia and really allows the flavor of the cacao beans to come through!

I like my chocolate dark so I usually opt for the 85% dark chocolate bar or the chocolate chips! I even tested them out to see if they melt the same and they worked beautifully for this coconut butter and jelly chocolate cup recipe that I am testing!


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