Monday Musings 9.3.18

Quick and easy is the name of the game today! Lots of work and packing to get done before the fiancé and I head off to Bozeman, MT for a week! We are doing a bit of a work “vacation” so not totally leisurely but I’m sure it will still be a blast!

Hope you are having a GREAT Labor Day!

#1 Figs

Stiiilllll obsessed with figs over here. I just am loving the late summer produce and have never really appreciated figs before now! I feel like I have been missing out biiig time.

Figs are great sources of fiber and are a good source of magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper and potassium! Not to mention they contain a fair bit of Vitamin K and B6.

I have made my amazing Paleo Harvest Bread, Fig Chia Pudding and Strawberry Fig Chia Jam! I am seriously loving all the figs I can get right now!

#2 Sunflower Seed Butter

I’m talking the suuuper delish homemade stuff! I am still following my seed cycling pretty closely (more here) and have been enjoying making my own sunflower seed butter.I find that soaked and dehydrated seeds work better for my digestion (more on the benefits of soaking and sprouting here).

I also like being able to control the sweetness level and whatever else goes into it! I have paired it with vanilla powder, a touch of honey and it is pure gold! Paired with my Strawberry Fig Chia Jam I am in heaven.

#3 Cinnamon Roasted Plantains

Game changer alert!! Instead of the typical savory plantains that I have been making, I decided to play to the natural sweetness of ripe plantains (dark brown or black color) by adding coconut oil and cinnamon! Roasted in an oven for ~30 minutes (flip once halfway!) they are pretty addictive!

I love plantains as a healthy source of carbohydrates and love that cinnamon can help reduce the insulin spike that can come with carbohydrates. Seriously, try it out, it won’t disappoint!

#4 Huney Jun Kombucha (w/CBD)

I talked last week about some of the benefits of CBD and am JAZZED to have found a type of kombucha with added CBD!

Jun is a type of fermented tea, similar to kombucha, but is brewed with only honey and green tea. Typical kombucha uses black tea and cane sugar for brewing. I have been absolutely loving the Huney Jun brand, they are based out of Leavenworth, WA, and can’t get enough!

I really love having a kombucha or jun after a hard workout and the added CBD has had a huge benefit on my recovery and how I feel the day after trying really hard climbing or running! I can tell my muscles are less inflamed and I am ready to try hard again the next day instead of feeling sluggish.


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