What I Ate in a Day! 8.31.18

Happy FriYAY! I am getting ready for a long week of travel but thought I would pop on here and blog about what I ate yesterday! I always love seeing what people eat in a day to fuel themselves and find it generally really helpful!

I do want to add a disclaimer though! Just because I do (or don’t) eat something in a day doesn’t mean it will (or won’t) work for you! This is not for comparison or judgement, simply to offer up what I honestly eat in a day and what works for MY body. Enjoy!

After waking up I enjoyed a delish matcha that I always make with collagen, ghee, coconut milk, ashwaghanda and cinnamon! It’s divine. I usually workout after – today was a running sprints workout.

Breakfast was a Japanese sweet potato topped with homemade Triple Berry Chia Jam, bee pollen (added after), chicken thighs sautéed with arugula and an egg!

Work lunch! I brought Cinnamon Roasted Jicama, ground beef with roasted broccoli and cucumbers. I also drank a Synergy Kombucha before lunch and snacked on a Kind Chia Apple Bar. YUM!

After work, I got home and was really craving a smoothie! I made one with steamed then frozen butternut squash, strawberries, coconut milk, cacao powder, collagen and spriulina. I topped it with coconut flakes and more bee pollen (can you tell I’m really into it lately?!)

A few hours later for dinner I quickly made up a bowl of leftover roasted sweet potatoes, ground beef and Lemony Sautéed Kale! And for dessert I had some leftover Pumpkin Fig Chia Pudding (coming soon!) with a square of Honey Mamas Chocolate on top. DIVINE!

As you can maybe see, I eat quite a bit. But I am also pretty active! I need fuel to get through my workouts and continue to see improvements in my physical efforts. Let me know if this was helpful!

I also eat within a Paleo template most of the time – however, I do occasionally add in some grains or legumes! Just depends how I am feeling that day. I make sure I give my body real and whole food first and then leave a little wiggle room for anything else that might pop up!


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