Monday Musings 8.27.18

It finally rained in Spokane and I couldn’t be happier! The air quality has been less than ideal (reaching almost 400 on the index last week) and is now hovering below 70. Rain + forest fires = gooooood.

Other than that though, it’s been a busy week! Lots of work and little play. Though there will be time for play soon. We are headed to Bozeman, MT for a week starting next Tuesday! Should be a very fun trip filled with climbing and friends.

#1 Pumpkin Spice Apple Chips

I am soooo obsessed with pumpkin pie spice lately. I can feel fall in the air and I am ALL IN!

I pulled out my dehydrator and used a mandolin to slice apple slices really thin then simply sprinkled some pumpkin pie spice on and let the dehydrator do its thing! I left it for 48 hours to ensure really crispy chips.

Such a delightful fall treat!

#2 Rhythm Superfoods Carrot Sticks

I am all about the dried foods lately. Rhythm Superfoods just introduced a line of new baked, not fried, dried vegetables.

I kid you not, carrots taste so sweet and like candy when dried! They are perfectly crunchy and just make me so happy to eat. Full of fiber, potassium and beta carotene. They come in Naked, Sea Salt and Ranch flavors.

If you see them at the store, you won’t regret it! Rhythm Superfoods also makes super delicious kale and beet chips!

#3 Against All Grain’s Green Chile Chicken Soup

Seriously WOW! Danielle from Against All Grain seriously knocked it out of the park on this one. While I can’t share her recipe from her book Meals Made Simple I can tell you to go and check it out and make this recipe!!

This soup is good enough to make in the summer. I’ve actually been making it at least once a week for the last few months and LOVE having leftovers to bring to work. Instead of using the suggested slow cooker method, I have tested it in the Instant Pot and can make it from fresh or frozen chicken thighs in 17 minutes!

Plantains, green chilis, chicken thighs, parsnip and jalapeño come together to make such a mouth watering bowl. When it’s done I top it with lime juice and cilantro. So yum!

#4 Iced Rooibos Chai Tea

I love making a big pitcher of tea and keeping in the fridge for on-the-go drinks during the week!

I have been using ~5 tea bags, steeping in hot water for 5 minutes and then refrigerating in a glass container. When I want an iced chai drink I simply take the chai mix concentrate, add coconut milk some stevia and collagen! I either blend or use a hand mixer and then pour over ice.

Much cheaper than ordering out and really easily customize-able!

#5 Acupuncture

This one is a new one I have been experimenting with for back pain. After my car accident in December of last year, I have been experiencing significant lower back pain. Finally after an MRI, I discovered I have a compressed disc along with arthritis.

It gets pretty inflamed and still hasn’t healed so I have been seeking out alternative options to relieve pain. I started a few weeks back and have been waiting to see how the treatments progress.

So far I haven’t had felt any noticeable difference, but I remain optimistic that acupuncture can give me some relief. Being a person that reeeaaallly doesn’t like needles, I have been at least impressed with my ability to control my headgame and tackle this fear.

The needles are very small (10 acupuncture needles can fit in a standard needle head) and you can hardly feel where they go in. Since this type of treatment has been around for a long time, I appreciate the history and consider it a healing art.

One thing I am very appreciative of is the forced relaxation period that comes with my appointment times. Moving with the needles in place is not advised (or really even feasible – believe me, I tried ha!), so I stay very still and try to relax my mind and allow the acupuncture to take its effect.

#6 CBD Topical Cream

You might be wondering what CBD is – CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is the non-psychoactive component to marijuana. The other part (the part that will get you “high”) is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Applied topically, CBD has amazing potential to lower inflammation and relieve pain. I have been using one with a coconut oil carrier base and it has been working wonders on my back pain.

I do not enjoy smoking marijuana or ingesting it but am perfectly happy to use an ointment with really clean ingredients.

The brand I have been loving is Ceres and they make numerous different products for different ailments. The topical I’ve been using is for deep tissue relief and is called Dragon Balm. It also contains menthol (for a cooling sensation), camphor and mint oil.

Not sure how I would manage this back pain without this product!! Since I am pretty opposed to taking pain meds or steroids at this point. While it is quite easy to purchase in Washington state, laws in other states will likely make purchasing this product quite difficult. Though if you are in a pro-marijuana state I highly recommend giving it a try next time you have some persisting pains!


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