Monday Musings 3.19.18

It’s Monday again! How did that happen so fast?! Must have been the super fun and rejuvenating weekend the fiancé and I had climbing in one of our favorite spots! Being outside and trying really hard on boulders (also hiking with heavy pads and backpacks) makes me feel ready to tackle the week! I think feeling physically tired makes it easier for me to work through the work week because I feel more relaxed.

When my muscles are sore I finally feel like I can take a break and chill out! Like, job well done, take a rest! Instead of continually pushing to see when I will get tired. And I can focus more on what’s going on mentally. Anyone else get this way?!

1. Reusable Bags

Hear me out on this one… Trying to plan a multi-week vacation in a van has got me thinking what we will be doing in terms of creating garbage, dirty dishes and more! I am trying to plan ahead and make sure we can really enjoy being out in nature and reduce our footprint and waste output.

I have discovered RUSSBE reusable ziploc bags and have started incorporating them into my daily life! It’s so easy to become dependent on quick fixes like plastic bags that get tossed after one use, instead of taking a few minutes longer to wash the bags out and reuse them again.

This is my call for accountability! Putting it out there to attempt to be more conscious and take the extra time to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world! It’s a small step, but one that can add up in the long run.

2. Hustle/Flow States

This concept has been really sticking with me lately. Trying to find balance between work and passions has always been something I have tried to attain. Hustle and flow are like two intertwining parts of a circle. One can take up more space at a time in the circle but rarely are they equal.

In my life right now I am working to create my own business. This, to me, is the hustle aspect. I want to create something I am proud of, something that I am passionate about and something that can help others. I am proud to be working with clients and bringing them closer to their nutrition goals while simultaneously using all the knowledge I have gained over the last 8 years.

Flow states aren’t the end goal, they come and they go. Work hard and hustle so you can enjoy the flow while it happens. Then, when something else catches your attention, work hard to attain a goal and slow the brakes when you get a chance to enjoy what you’ve built.

Knowing the flow is in the mix and continually cycles in and out is motivating during hustle states. Knowing the work you put in will pay off with a relaxing state in the future makes the hustle that much sweeter.

3. Greek Spice Blend

For those who might not know me, one of my biggest inspirations is Diane Sanfilippo. She is an all around badass, super straightforward, confident and shares an incredible wealth of knowledge about nutrition, accountability and working hard. She’s basically a boss-lady that has built a career out of her passions.

One of her passions is clean, organic spice blends for taking food to the next level. Lately, I have been over the moon obsessed over the Greek spice blend. I have been loving it on chicken, pork and all the roasted vegetables! It has a lemony taste with garlic undertones. It is sheer perfection.

You can either make the blend from Diane’s book Practical Paleo or buy her pre-made spice blends online. They come in huge bottles so you won’t run out quickly! She has plenty of other blends that I’m sure are fantastic but this is the only one I’ve tried and can truly attest to!

4. Box Jumps

I’m short, this isn’t a secret or new news by any means! I also want to climb my hardest. That means, however, that there are plenty of moves I feel I can’t quite “reach.” I put that in quotes because jumping is one of those ways to reach the next hold, it just isn’t my first thought and usually doesn’t seem like the easiest path!

Enter: dynamic box jumps! I have been using boxes of different heights to jump up onto to try and increase my vertical jump height. I can feel my fast twitch muscles engaging quicker the more often I do these and can tell I am recruiting more of my legs than I was before when I practice jumping!

This video and this one are good spots to start for practicing explosive jumping movements.

5. Alter Eco Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is my weakness. I absolutely adore it! I usually have some most days, and the darker the chocolate, the better! I feel more satisfied with a lower sugar chocolate that tastes richer. I have been really crushin’ on Alter-Eco because of their Organic Bars that are certified gluten-free. They make a 85% dark bar called Dark Blackout that is divine!

Other flavors that are bomb include: Dark Salted Brown Butter and Deep Dark Sea Salt. Another thing that makes these so special is they don’t include soy in their ingredients as an emulsifier!

Short but sweet today! Focusing on building a business and hustling to find that flow and spend more time in places like this ✨

Sleeping Lady – Leavenworth, WA


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