Monday Musings 3.12.18

What a great start to the week here in the PNW! The sun has been shining the last few days and temps are warming up! Spring is happening and it feels so good!

This last week has quite busy for me, juggling two jobs – my regular, “adult” job and working with clients on their nutrition! I am thankful to be able to pursue my passion and share my knowledge with others that want to get healthier from the inside out! Whether that be strictly for health reasons, athletic performance or to gain self-confidence, working with clients one-on-one has been fulfilling in a way I hadn’t suspected!

#1. Bio-Individuality

After last week’s post about International Women’s Day and speaking my mind about the importance of stopping body-shaming and working to build self-confidence, especially in young women, I have come to fully realize the extreme importance of bio-individuality for true health.

Bio-individuality is the concept that “what heals one man, may poison another.” It speaks multitudes to how intricate and complex our bodies really are. Bio-individuality means that the same exact diet won’t have the same effect on two human beings. Meaning, just because some foods or eating habits work for others, it might not be right for you. This is also applied vice versa. It can be a far leap to suggest to another that they try something that works for you, expecting the same results.

I am incredibly passionate about this subject because it is present in our everyday lives. We see it when we turn on the TV, we see it scrolling through our Instagram feeds and also in real life when eating with friends or family. In this sense, the constant comparison you might feel can leave you doubting yourself and your ability to listen to your body.

I see this all the time. Comparing ourselves against other women, against our mates who might eat less than we do and against friends. This leaves us feeling drained and inadequate. This message is not lost on the brain. It translates this into doubting every decision we make around food and can become suffocating. It can manifest in several ways – eating disorders, orthorexia (excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food), and feelings of shame and guilt.

I would like to offer up a solution. One that helps to repair and replace the negative emotions surrounding food and nourishing our body. One that includes education and reintroduces trust and empowerment to the individual. By repairing this relationship and instead of using comparison as a tool to determine our worth, introducing trust and faith that if you only listen, your body will tell you what it needs.

This means REEAAAALLLYY listening though. Like getting rid of all the “junk” and treating yourself to a luxurious period of time focusing on the most nutrient dense foods you can get your hands on. Letting yourself feel so ridiculously good that you have a new starting point. One that you can use to see how different foods interact with your body and if they deserve a place in your diet or not.

From this place, trust in yourself can grow. It is a very special thing, this trust. Truly knowing and believing that your body will tell you what it needs and having confidence in your food choices. This is also incredibly helpful with cravings. Learning how you feel physically and mentally after eating something that might not agree with you or eating “too much” of something can leave you feeling unhappy and possibly even guilty. By using your new found confidence you can take responsibility in your choices and choose the foods that enter your body in a healthy and happy way.

More on this topic to come, but it’s something I feel very strongly about and wanted to share!

2. Instagram Stories

Oh man. These are so fun! Little snippets of life that don’t need to be curated, and don’t need captions! I have been really into these the past week as a way of connecting and love using them to share what I’m up to!

This last week I shared a quick story to show how I make my coffee every morning! Similar to butter coffee, but made with ghee! I love waking up to this each day, it gives me the energy I need to get through morning workouts and is a great dose of healthy fats for brain health!


3. Chimichurri

Not sure what planet I was residing on before I found this recipe. BUT OH, MY STARS! I cannot even explain how amazing this sauce is. It pairs perfectly with any type of meat, seafood and veggies. The combination of parsley and cilantro pair perfectly with red chili flakes and red wine vinegar for a hit of acidity.

Seriously, all it takes is a blender and 5 minutes of your time! You don’t even need to separate the herb stems from the leaves. Just dump into a blender, give it a whirl and BOOM. Magic green sauce ready for your every meal.

Just saying, I may or may not have made it three times just in the last week…


4. Iced Cold Brew Mocha Latte

Similar to the coffee picture above but iced and blended into perfection, this slightly sweet latte is becoming my go-to for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Not sure about cold brew? Let me spew some facts real quick: cold brew is essentially coffee infused water, made through a soaking and straining process. This process typically takes 24 hours to soak the coffee beans in water and then the mixture is strained. A concentrated liquid is left, and then diluted with either water or non-dairy beverage of your choice!

I love cold brew because it is less acidic and bitter than regularly brewed coffee or espresso. It also has a higher caffeine content but doesn’t seem to cause me as many jitters or crashes.

The last week I have been combining about ¼ c. cold brew concentrate (I use homemade but you can use store-bought), ¼ c. full fat coconut milk, 1 medjool date (pitted) and a handful of ice. Blend it all up and enjoy a deliciously creamy treat. For bonus nutrition value, add a scoop of collagen!

5. Core Stabilizing Moves

I have been all about those stabilizing moves lately! Instead of just focusing on the front of my abdominal, stabilizing moves work the entire core (think chest to hips). By evening out the front, back and sides of the core it can grow stronger and be more resilient to injury. Having a strong core can help you become more powerful in explosive movements and can also help you avoid injury in everyday tasks!

Try out this move or this one for a super fun core challenge! I’ve been adding these movements every other day to help strengthen my core.


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