Monday Musings 2.12.18

I am excited to share with you a new type of weekly post! Every Monday on the blog I will be sharing a recap of things that have caught my attention and really stuck with me over the last week.

These musings will likely fall into the categories of mindset shifts or resets, quotes, recipes, flavor combinations, favorite workout gear or maybe even an interaction. I also want to be able to highlight work that other people are doing that I think is important or worth knowing!

For me, this is similar to placing an intent at the start of a day or week, really reflecting and looking back at what shaped my week and what I can take forward with me from these musings and time spend pondering!

Okay, let’s get right to it!

1. Paleo Double Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

I mean, can you even?! These bars are INSANE, in the best way (insert heart eyes emoji here). I came across these on the Living Loving Paleo blog and knew I had to make them to have around for a Valentine’s Day treat! A dark cocoa – almond flour base is then topped with a creamy cashew based cheesecake filling and topped with dairy-free caramel. Kristen’s recipe here.

Yeah, that’s a big win. I swapped out all the coconut oil for ghee, because it’s my all time favorite and used dark cocoa powder instead of the lighter version. The caramel is so good you won’t want to stop licking it off the spoon!

2. Robyn Youkilis – Thin From Within

Okay, I am apparently sooo late to this party. I came across Robyn’s work last week while listening to my favorite podcast, Balanced Bites with Diane Sanflippo and Liz Wolf, and cannot stop reading her work!

As a guest on the podcast, Robyn shared some of her thoughts and ideas from her new book (which I immediately pre ordered) that really have resonated with me the last week.

One of the ideas she shared was on indigestion after meal times. Not the classiest topic but one that is incredibly important! Robyn suggested we all take a look at not what we are eating, but how we are eating it. Are we sitting down and comfortable, or rushing and eating on the go? What about distractions? Are we trying to multitask and catch up on social media or our favorite tv show? Are we in good company or feeling alone and a bit down? And lastly, are you chewing your food so that your body can break it down easily? Or leaving large pieces that your body has to tackle post meal?

This is huge stuff! As someone that has struggled with digestive issues most of my adult life, I was stunned to realize I very seldom stop to take into account how I eat. After listening to the podcast and moving on to prepare my breakfast I was so excited to implement the more chewing into my meal times!

Turns out, chewing food until it is in tiny, little pieces takes WORK and time! Your jaw has to build up (like a muscle!) to be able to used as much as we need it to and it really does take mindful practice. I have been focusing all week on just this little change and have been pleased to find that it really does make a difference.

I can’t say enough good things about Robyn, go check her out here!

3. Flow-ga (Flow + Yoga)

Trust me on this one. There was a point in my life where I practiced yoga daily for about 2 years. But after I graduated college, it was hard to find a teacher I really liked and I began to practice on my own time. Sadly, this became sporadic and eventually stopped all together.

Recently, though, I have been incorporating more yoga into my workout routine (which consists mainly of trail-running and climbing) as a warm up and as strength training component.

I’m not sure flow-ga is the technical term, per se, but moving with a purpose while flowing between traditional yoga poses has really been my jam lately. Not sure what I’m talking about? See here.

Inspired by Melissa Hartwig’s Instagram stories, these types of flows have gotten me back in the habit of practicing regularly again while simultaneously increasing strength!

Since my car accident in December, my lower back has become incredibly inflamed, and although I have been working closely with my physical therapist, my motion is still very limited compared to what I am used to doing fitness-wise. These flows allow me to move through poses ans still reap the benefits of muscle toning!

4. Listening to My Body

I’ve been moving a little slower these days, I’m used to working out at a high intensity about 6 days a week and have transitioned into more moderate exercise and a lot more physical therapy taking the place of training for climbing.

I have been trying for the last week to really listen to my body when it needs rest and either adjust the intensity of my workout or do something less physically stressful.

Which means I have more time to focus on school and becoming a Health Coach through IIN and begin taking health coaching clients!

5. This Van


We (the fiance and myself) bought this van!! We have always each wanted to move towards a minimalist lifestyle and it fits in perfectly with our love of climbing and spending time outdoors.

It has a built in bed, and just needs a little construction work to build a kitchen area and it will be the perfect multi-day camping vehicle!

I’ll post before and after pictures of the inside soon 🙂

7. Dates + Ghee

This snack combo is mind blowing. I had never really been a fan of dates until starting my Whole30, but now I crave them all the time! Their high magnesium content makes my chocolate craving disappear and pairing them with homemade vanilla bean ghee is an out of this world match made in heaven.

Give it a try with coconut butter or peanut butter too! Fantastic.


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