The Power of Personal Responsibility


We all have them so why are they such a big deal? Every day we have thousands of choices to make, both big and small. From deciding what to eat for breakfast to what activities to plan for the day to the amount of water consumed daily. So many tasks and people demand our attention and energy, leaving us with choices to make based on time, energy and countless other factors. Each of us knows or has some ideal of a “perfect health” in mind. Whether that’s a fully functioning digestive system, having endless amounts of energy, dealing with stress in a positive or fluid way, a self-confidence aura that never quits or are just curious about nutrition and the body. The list doesn’t end there, optimal health and wellness is all encompassing and is affected and created by many factors. Factors that YOU are in control of and have the power to create for yourself.

But here’s the thing about excuses: they are easy to make but hard to take accountability for.

I believe in an individualized approach to nutrition and wellness. What might work for one person will not necessarily work for the next. Eating habits, sleep patterns and mindset are just a few of the infinite list of variables needed to find what works for you! This is where excuses come in, excuses are the filter through which we see our lives through. Taking an honest look at the choices made throughout the day in accordance to your personal goals can be one of the best things you can do for yourself moving forward to a healthier future! Restructuring the framework around decision making and choices can take some of the guesswork and stress out of living a healthy lifestyle. For example, planning meals for dinner or for breakfast each day of the week can alleviate the pressure of making healthy choices when the day gets busy or plans change unexpectedly. Reducing the amount of decision-making on recurring daily choices alleviates time spent either worrying about choices made or guilt associated with last minute decisions that leave you feeling unsatisfied.

What is my place in all this?

I want to be here to remind you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, at what is truly important in life.

Being healthy, spending time with loved ones and being able to pursue the passions that bring us joy give life meaning that we can create a space that we enjoy living in. There are many aspects of life when excuses are used (whether for positive intentions or not), though as an introduction to the topic the gears will start turning; the first step to changing habits is to being conscious of the habit itself. Habits are the choices that we unconsciously make, the choices that guide us through our days. Shifting even a few of our habits that take us further away from our ultimate goals can be hugely beneficial to our health!

My question today to you is: what excuses do you feel hold you back (or bring you closer) to your ultimate health? It can be anything! From not feeling like you know enough about nutrition to make proper food choices for your body, to being too tired to brush your teeth at night, to skipping that workout you just can’t seem to make time for. Recognizing that we are all human, and unforeseeable events happen all the time gives us room to breathe in a world obsessed with perfection. What matters then is those choices and excuses that turn into habits that leave us feeling empty!



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